While I have spoken to many a Beijing taxi driver over the years, I’ll have to confess that the topic of sex has never come up. Well, it’s not like

it ever even came to mind during these talks.

It turns out, however, that taxi drivers (probably like other older Chinese men) aren’t all that comfortable with the subject.

The traditional Chinese concept that sex is a taboo, combined with the operations of the taxi industry, has made it difficult for the China Family Planning Association (CFPA) to carry out a project that aims to improve sexual and reproductive health awareness among male taxi drivers here.

Why taxi drivers you ask? Why not bakers or bicycle repair men?

their occupation, which includes long hours of sitting, puts them among those at high risks of having reproductive health problems. At the same time, she says, many of them know little about how to protect their sexual and reproductive health.

Well, if that’s the case, you’d think the researchers would learn a bit about their subjects first.

the CFPA has had to content itself with urging drivers to value condoms as much as they do seat belts, since both protect their safety.

If taxi drivers start valuing condoms that much, an epidemic of venereal diseases and illegitimate children is surely in the making.


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